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January Baby OOTD: My Birthday

Hello everyone!

My birthday was last Monday (Jan.9) and I just wanted to share my day with you guys.

This year my birthday was a quiet and simple affair which wasn’t what I really wanted but it was how life played it out for me. It was still a really nice day with sweet and thoughtful surprises from both my friends and family for which I am very grateful.

Surprise setup that was waiting for me when I got home, courtesy of my parents. 🙂

Since my birthday was on a Monday we decided to celebrate in a low-key manner and had a family dinner at my favorite Chinese food buffet restaurant.



Here are my outfit details:

Sweater: A’GACI

Jeans: Ross

Shoes: Steve Madden (I LOOOOOOVE these wedges!)

My outfits was was pretty casual but I felt comfortable and content for my birthday, which is what matters most. Sorry if the photos didn’t come out with the greatest quality, they were taken on my phone since I wasn’t planning on making an outfit post this one was kind of spontaneous.

Hopefully I’ll be posting more soon!

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I’m 18 now! Ahhhhhhh!