Prom Dress Shopping OOTD

Hey y’all!

My prom is coming up soon-soon as in less than two weeks, so that’s what has been preoccupying my time. I finally found a dress last weekend but I won’t reveal until actual prom day (most likely on my instagram before anything else so make sure to follow me! @magalysoro).

Here’s the outfit I wore while I was out scavenging for a dress.

I wore a light and airy dress because it would be comfortable for the long day of shopping.

At the beginning of the day I wore heels to have an idea for the length of the prom dresses when I would wear it on the actual the day. But to be honest I took them off after a store or two because I was rushing and it wasn’t comfortable to walk fast all day in heels.


I actually found this dress at a thrift store and love it so much, I always get compliments on it! The whole outfit was thrifted actually!

Outfit Details:

Dress: Cotton On 

Shoes: Charming Charlie


Well, that’s my outfit post for the day. Later on I will be creating a Prom-themed series with posts like “prom dress shopping tips” or something. Thank you for reading and I just want everyone to remember to do something kind for someone today. Spread good vibes!