5 Prom Dress Shopping Tips | Prom Series #1

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Prom Season is approaching my friends! Since my prom was earlier this year than most people’s, I wanted to share my tips experience for those who will be attending their prom later this year.

Now, one of the most important elements to your prom evening is….the dress! And prom dress shopping can be a real headache so here I have some things to keep in mind when you go dress shopping.

1. Try it on…even if you think you won’t like it.

There were soooooo many times I liked a dress after trying it on after I thought I hated it on the hanger. If a dress catches your attention for even the simplest detail that you may like, try it on! You never know how it’ll fit you and who knows? You may end up loving it and wearing it to prom.

2. Be practical.

Even though the dress is what us girls are usually most excited for when prom comes, do remember that the most important thing is to have fun. That being said, make sure the dress you pick allows movement and is something you can dance in and walk around in without much effort, or a glam squad of 4 people having to help you carry the dress around.

3. Bring some shoes!

A lot of prom dresses are longer than we are used to so when you go out trying on dresses, bring some high heels or shoes similar to what you expect to wear the actual day so you have an idea of how the dress will actually fit on you.

4. Start EARLY.

Trust me when I say that finding the perfect dress might take longer than you think! Make sure you have some time before prom when you purchase your dress. I would say leave at least a month or two beforehand just in case because you might need to order in a dress or make alterations and those things take time.

5. More $$$ doesn’t mean better.

Prom can cost a pretty penny…but it doesn’t have to. When I started browsing for dresses I was surprised at how many dresses were easily $200 or $5oo! Don’t think you have to have a super expensive dress in order to look pretty for prom. There are plenty of beautiful, inexpensive dresses at mall department stores and even thrift stores. All that matters is how you wear it. Confidence is key!

Here are some pictures of my prom dress shopping excursions. 🙂

My actual prom look will be revealed in a later post. 😉 Hoped these tips help one of you and thank you for reading.

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