What to Keep in Your Clutch | Prom Series #2

Here is the sequel in my Prom Series posts, What to keep in your clutch! After you guys find your prom dresses, the clutch would be the next step in many cases. The clutch I used personally was sort of small so I really had to bring only the essentials I thought I would need in case of any fashion or injury emergency.I made a nice picture below so you guys can have an idea of what I brought and what I recommend that you take to your prom or formal event.

What was in my clutch:

  1. Band-aids (I had a couple nasty blisters by the end of the night :/ )
  2. Gum or mints
  3. Safety pin
  4. Hair tie and bobby pins
  5. Some cash
  6. A mirror 
  7. A mini-perfume
  8. The lip color you are wearing for touch-ups
  9. A camera (not pictured)

Aaaaaaaand that’s it! Those are some must-have things but of course, if you have other things you would like to substitute or bring then go ahead and do what works for you.

Most importantly, don’t forget your prom ticket and a smile!


***My clutch is from Charming Charlie.

Here is a link if you would like to buy it: http://www.charmingcharlie.com/handbags/evening-bags/enchanted-evening-clutch-1.html#color=light-grey

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